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Archive for January, 2012


Why CRM Planning is Broken

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems have been around for years and they offer unparalleled process automation. But…planning for them is broken.

Why/how are they broken?

Simple: We think of the system, not the customer. When planning for the next update to any organization’s CRM systems, we must think of what we want to know about our customers and not what the system will allow us to collect.


What do we really want to know about your customers?

My list, to start the conversation:

  • Comments about:
    • Us
    • Our competitors
    • Our products
    • Our industry
  • Engagement
    • Web paths
    • Clicks
    • Content interest
  • Impact of social impression
    • Correlations
    • Causation
    • Better statistical analysis in general
  • Influence
    • The grey ghost, I know, but I still want it

What do you want to know about your customers/prospects/audience members? Leave a note in the comments section or let me know @TylerAltrup.


How Gaming Will Change Our World

Jane McGonigal, author of the fantastic Reality is Broken, delivered one of my favorite TED talks of all time.

Full post and comment thread here.


M83 “Outro”

Great jam that I found in this Red Bull Ad.


Red Bull “Gives You Wings”

Gorgeous visuals and a great tune in the background.


Fifth Down “We Are Mizzou”

So awful…and so good.


Net10 Conversations: Lovestruck

“I wrote a song about it…” Great ad from Net10.



Gotye – Somebody That I Used to Know (feat. Kimbra)

Indie rock meets soul. Explosion ensues.


The Weeknd – D.D./Dirty Diana


Improve the Timing of Your Social Media Posts

I stumbled upon this interesting post this morning–an excellent infographic from Kissmetrics based on data from @danzarrela.



1. Don’t Worry About Cali (aka Time Zone Awareness)

  • Capture 81% of the US audience simply by optimizing for the Central and Eastern Time Zones

2. Tweet More, Facebook Less (per day)

  • Post 1-4 times per hour to achieve higher click-through on Twitter
  • Post 0.5 times per day to achieve higher click-through on Facebook Pages

Science of Social Timing Part 1


…and so it begins

And it begins in earnest.

After devoting far too much time to how I should use this blog, I have now decided to go full force forward and pull it together as I go.

I hope to use this space both professionally and personally. Professionally, I will share my thoughts on topics related to social media (specifically measurement and monetization), gamification, and other marketing news.


Personally, I will share a few jams, musings on video games, and, of course, my Twitter stream (follow me @TylerAltrup).