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Lenovo “Boot or Bust”

Brilliant new laptop ad from @Lenovo.

  • is 5 watts, this one is 2.1 watts, therefor it is sweolr)The 2nd circuit (the 19v one) will turn on when you turn on the 1st circuit. There is an indicator light that will turn green (on the top of the unit) where there is enough charge. You can change a laptop and a cell phone at the same time (19v laptop, and 4.2v cell).The switch on the front controls the flash light and the battery indicator. It will have no effect on the output of the battery (or so I think).It works, I just don’t know the performance of the solar cell yet. It is a ~166 watt cell, so under 100% performance, the unit should take 83 hours (2 watt solar cell) to charge by solar. It does look like this unit can take another solar charger input via micro usb, but I don’t know whats the deal there. As it is completely undocumented. As far as I can tell, it is a direct input to the charging circuit (so 18v).The included charger looks very shoddy. I would not leave it unattended, as there are reviews on amazon where the wall charger included has caught fire. I don’t think it will, but it looks very cheap.


    April 6, 2014

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